Introducing eSSYN
Embedded software synthesis

A revolutionary approach to fully automatic synthesis of embedded system software

eSSYN will Boost your productivity

Enables reuse, saves design time, increases reliability.

Manage your design Project more efficiently

A SW component based models allows you to focus on system design and decouple dependencies among team members or subcontractors.

A powerful syntesys tool for embedded systems

Save development time by leaving low value tasks like interface design and makefile generation to eSSYN.

A powerful design space exploration tool

Allow multiple iterations, test different parallelizations schemes, map software components into different cores of your platform.

Model centric synthesis of embedded systems

“Model Centric” means that a model of the whole system is used as the source and repository of all the information of the system, for all the processes involved in the development (optimization, verification, synthesis,…).
This approach brings numerous advantages to de design flow: Reusability, Productivity increase, Reliability, quality of results

Why not try your application on different SoCs, different vendors?

You can migrate your application to other HW platforms and get your new binaries ina matter of minutes. No hassle with makefiles, compiler settings…

Redefine the internal communications within your system

Blocking/non-blocking, packet based, comunication among sw components can be tested and its effect on system performance checked.

Standards based approach

Behind eSSYN lies a standarized modelling methodology (UML/MARTE). Although by no means it is necessary to be an UML/MARTE expert to use the tool, it is good to know that any learning effort is invested on a standard and not on a vendor proprietary technology.

Powerful wizard for model creation from scratch

eSSYN offers a model creation wizard for guided creation of models, reducing adoption effort an avoiding the need of UML/MARTE training to start using the tool.

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Separate models for application, platform and system

eSSYN uses separate models for the HW Platform, the Application and the integrated embedded system, thus enabling reuse, reducing debug time and facilitating design exploration.

Eclipse with Papyrus plug-in based environment

eSSYN is built on top of ECLIPSE with Papyrus.

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Visual Tour

Get a quick tour though the main features of the Graphical User Interface provided by eSSYN under ECLIPSE framework.

Wizard For Model Creation From Scratch

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