A revolutionary approach to fully automatic synthesis of embedded system software

What is eSSYN? eSSYN is a software synthesis tool that automatically generates, platform specific executable binaries from a component based model of a software application and a simple model of the target hardware platform (supporting complex multicore heterogeneous platforms). Who can benefit from eSSYN? Anyone willing to boost the productivity of software design for embedded systems.…


Wizard For Model Creation From Scratch

Wizard initial window Window for defining data types Window for defining interfaces Window for defining communication channel types Window for defining aplication components Window for defining aplication component files Window for defining memory spaces and aplication component allocations Window for defining types of OSs and drivers window for defining HW resources of the platform Window… Details

Platform Model

Component: Application_stereo_vision structure This is the first component of the slide, click to see the next component Screen Shot 03-19-14 at 04.09 PM Screen Shot 06-10-14 at 05.20 PM Screen Shot 06-10-14 at 12.59 PM Screen Shot 06-16-14 at 03.33 PM Screen Shot 06-16-14 at 03.55 PM Screen Shot 06-16-14 at 03.58 PM Screen Shot… Details