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Will eSSYN generate my functional code?

No, eSSYN is not a code generator tool. You have to provide eSSYN with the source code files for each SW component.

Will eSSYN optimize my GPP C code for a DSP core?

No, if you want to use optimized code you have to provide it as part of the SW component model. If you tag each file indicating its targer core, eSSYN will select the right file depending on the assignment of resources.

Who is behind eSSYN development?

eSSYN has been developed by the GESE/GIM team, part of TEISA Department at the University of Cantabria. eSSYN is a research result from EC/FP7 funded project PHARAON.

Is eSSYN a commercial EDA tool

Not yet. At the moment it is a working prototype running from ECLIPSE framework. Following feedback from test users moving the tool to a commercial phase will be considered.

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Introductory video:

eSSYN strengths:

  • Enables reuse and increase reliability
  • Model creation from scratch
  • Separate models for application platform and system
  • Model centric system
  • Standards based approach