What is eSSYN?
eSSYN is a software synthesis tool that automatically generates, platform specific executable binaries from a component based model of a software application and a simple model of the target hardware platform (supporting complex multicore heterogeneous platforms).

Who can benefit from eSSYN?
Anyone willing to boost the productivity of software design for embedded systems. Specially those involved in architectural design of embedded systems, including selection of target platform, mapping of software modules to available resources (GPP, DSP, GPU,…), code parallelization, application migration to new platforms, etc.

What is the main benefit of eSSYN?
eSSYN is an incredible effort saver for common system level tasks. For instance, splitting an application into two executables and mapping those to two cores of a platform can be done, from start to end (binaries) in five minutes. Doing that by hand is a matter of days.